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Lot 145

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Lot 145

Description: "Polar Bear" tobacco package with 1909-11 T206 "factory/tax stamp matched" example card (pull from THIS pack) (Pack VG, Card GD) Empty Polar Bear tobacco package displaying scattered wear with several tears to bottom portion. Series of 1910 tax seal across the top. When this package arrived in our facility it was already opened at the top and leaking tobacco through both the top and tears at bottom. Presuming it's value thus lay in the display value it offered, it was emptied out and much to our surprise the card and coupon which it comes with were inside among the contents. Includes 1909-11 T206 Deacon Phillippe card with Polar Bear back. Card has staining/discoloration throughout with creasing/wrinkling. Both card and pack have "Factory No.6 1st Dist" designation: Pack VG, Card GD ($200-$400)
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Final Bid: $627.00

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