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See a Picture of this Item 170 UPDATED DESCRIPTION: Historically significant Green Bay Packers National Football League charter certificate c.1920s. Joseph F. Carr assumed control of the American Professional Football Association in 1921 and was of sound conviction that the sport he loved was deserving of a far more prominent spot within the culture of American sport. From the start, he was determined to bring the game into the spotlight and show that it was being run in an honest and capable manner. Upon taking over, Carr instituted all manner of sweeping changes starting with the name and decreed that from 1922 onward the conglomerate of teams was to be known as "The National Football League." Other new rules and regulations introduced included League by-laws, membership criteria, a uniform player's contract, territorial rights, and a strict ban on the use of college players. It was this last point which would be pushed to the forefront by a controversial news report in late 1921. The public had long been wary of professional teams using collegiate players and when conclusive proof surfaced that three such players from Notre Dame had taken the field on behalf of Green Bay, Carr was forced to act. At a meeting of League Officials and team representatives in January of 1922 the Franchise rights which had been granted to the Packers were revoked. "My grandfather said he knew that some of the teams had been fudging on this particular rule" recalls grandson James Carr, "but this is the first time [he had] caught somebody, So he pulled the league franchise from the Packers and Curly Lambeau and that Franchise certificate that was originally sent to Lambeau was returned" That original certificate still belongs in our family." Upon further research we have concluded that this particular certificate dates to slightly later than referenced within the Carr family archives likely to the early to mid 1920s era rather than 1921 specifically. Undoubtedly, the offered certificate if an original sig $17,000.00 ($20,000-$40,000) Closed to online bidding $17,000.00
See a Picture of this Item 171 Highly Important Joe F. Carr Trophy - "National Football League Most Valuable Player Award" - Awarded each year from 1938 to 1946, The Joe F. Carr Trophy is the only of its' type which has ever been issued by the NFL directly to honor it's Most Valuable Player. The offered example has remained within the Carr Family Collection and is a nearly identical version of which was presented to players with the exception of size. Although the complete background has been lost to history, it appears that this was a memorial piece done for Carr's wife in his honor. Standing 18" tall, the upper portion consists of a figural metal football which has been engraved, "National Football League, Most Valuable Player." Atop is player figural finial posed with ball in hand, ready to pass. The support bar below is flanked by a pair of kickers. The ornate wooden base is decorated with (2) eagle finials and a football field goal upright. An engraved metal placard on front reads, "Joe F. Carr Trophy, Awarded to Mrs. Joe F. Carr, In Appreciation And Commemoration." In fine overall condition with professional repair to one kicker figure. The significance and scarcity of the offered trophy cannot be overstated. Based on a scant population of Carr trophies issued, craftsmanship, and direct provenance to Carr as a formative figure within the NFL this particular specimen ranks as one of the more significant football trophies ever offered at public auction. Includes letter of provenance from the Carr Family: EX $10,000.00 ($25,000-$50,000) Closed to online bidding DNS
See a Picture of this Item 211a Historic November 8, 1975 Rudy Ruettiger game worn Notre Dame Fighting Irish jersey. Blue mesh jersey has player number "45" screened on front, back, and sleeves. A "Champion" manufacturer tag on front tail notes the size, "46." "Ruettiger" nameplate appearing on the back is proper for jerseys worn by the team during the 1975 season however it was not present during Rudy's famed appearance in the Georgia Tech game. Having never dressed for a game prior, the team did not have a jersey prepared with a "Ruettiger" nameplate but was applied at Rudy's request within several days after the game by Notre Dame Equipment Manager Gene O'Neill. Simply incredible piece of football history that when held takes you back into the moment to experience the pride and sense of accomplishment Rudy embraced. In fine overall condition with appropriate light wear. Includes LOA from Hunt Auctions and Notarized Letter of Provenance from Rudy Ruettiger certifying this Notre Dame jersey was in fact worn during the November 8, 1975 game: EX $100,000.00 (Estimate Upon Request) Closed to online bidding $100,000.00
See a Picture of this Item 211b Historic Rudy Ruettiger game worn Notre Dame Fighting Irish helmet c.1974-75. Original Notre Dame Fighting Irish football helmet as issued to and worn by Rudy Ruettiger during the 1974 and 1975 seasons. Riddell helmet with period appropriate impressed markings on back including the Company logo and "Kra-Lite II" model. Suspension interior remains intact with size "7" stamped on. There are several vintage marker player number and name notations written inside with Rudy's name partially visible ("Reut") below a reconditioning label. The ear pads appear original to the period however the rubber bumper which was affixed to the interior has hardened and come loose (included but separate from helmet). The helmet has been reconditioned twice with the first label a vintage example that dates to the time of use. The latter was applied when Rudy had Schutt Sports perform some minor cosmetic improvements for display purposed only including few paint touch ups and the "Irish" nameplate decal applied over a Wilson rubber guard between the front anchors. Strong usage wear evident throughout which is consistent with the well documented re-issue of previously used helmets by Notre Dame and other collegiate programs during the period. Rudy vividly recalls the issuance of the helmet for his Junior season of 1974 having been named to the Notre Dame scout team by coach Ara Parseghian. It was one of the greatest accomplishments of my life and truly made me feel like a Notre Dame man. Includes LOA from Hunt Auctions and Notarized Letter of Provenance from Rudy Ruettiger certifying this was the actual Notre Dame helmet he wore during the November 8, 1975 game: EX $110,000.00 (Estimate Upon Request) Closed to online bidding $110,000.00
See a Picture of this Item 279 Highly significant 1958 Baltimore Colts NFL World Championship ring. Original ring as presented to William F. Hilgenberg who was one of the ownership members of the Colts franchise. The 1958 Baltimore Colts World Championship team defeated the New York Giants in dramatic fashion with an Alan Ameche touchdown run in sudden death overtime. The epic contest became known as the "Greatest Game Ever Played" and is still regarded as one of the most significant games in the history of the NFL. Its legendary status was due in no small part to the fact the game was nationally televised leading to a surge in popularity of the NFL. Ornate 14K gold ring features the Colts mascot logo on each side panel within a horseshoe symbol having, "World Champions" and "Colts 23 Giants 17", respectively. Top of the ring has, "Baltimore Colts World Champions" with small inset blue sapphires encircling a central inset diamond of 25-30 point carat weight. Interior ring band inscribed, "14K LGB" along with "William F. Hilgenberg". The ring remains in very fine overall condition with minimal surface wear and presents with outstanding original patina. This particular ring ranks as one of the most desired of all NFL Championship rings with a scant few ever having been offered to the collecting public. Offered for the first time publicly this specimen originates directly from the Hilgenberg family descendants and certainly ranks among the most significant rings of its type to have become available at auction. Includes letter of provenance from the Hilgenberg descendants: EX-MT $27,500.00 ($40,000-$60,000) Closed to online bidding $27,500.00
See a Picture of this Item 280 Exceptional Johnny Unitas Baltimore Colts professional model jersey c.1967. Classic blue jersey with white shoulders has the number "19" on front, back, and sleeves. "MacGregor" manufacturers tag on the front of the proper dating period affixed to tail front noting size (46) and adjacent is a wash tag. Additional flag tag with an "L" is also present. Incredible usage wear evident throughout with discoloration and dirt staining to the white numbers and scattered pulls in the fabric. There is a team repair on front chest above the number "9" and stitching is visible on inside shoulders where added by the team to fix or reinforce the shoulder pad area. Obtained in 1968 inside the Baltimore Colts locker room at Memorial Stadium by our consignor and his father whom was handed the jersey by Equipment Manager Fred Schubach. For many years it served as the focal point in the family home and it can be seen in a 1978 dated issue of the Baltimore Sun Magazine (included) on display in that very home. By all accounts, Johnny Unitas ranks as one of the greatest players in NFL history. His on field accomplishments quite literally seem as fictional: (10) time Pro Bowl selections, (5) Time AP All-Pro selections, (4) Time NFL MVP award winner, (3) Time Pro Bowl MVP award winner, NFL 50th and 75th Anniversary team member, and Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductee in 1979. As impressive as Unitas' on field accomplishments may be he truly was one of the seminal figures in the popularization of the National Football League in the this country. His significance to the game was evident through numerous mediums none less important than the 1958 NFL Championship game. Deemed as "The Greatest Game Ever Played" it was Unitas' leadership which sent the Colts to victory in the first sudden death overtime victory in NFL history. That specific game is largely credited with the rise of the popularity of the NFL in the 1960s due to its national television audience. The offered specimen rates as one of $80,000.00 ($100,000-$150,000) Closed to online bidding $80,000.00
See a Picture of this Item 281 Exceptional Johnny Unitas professional model football cleats c.1960s. Desirable pair of Unitas' trademark hightop leather cleats each have the number "19" written inside in vintage black marker (readily visible in the right shoe; faded/faint in the left). Both are marked with the size (10) in two places. Strong usage wear throughout with appropriate scratches/scrapes to lightly soiled leather and dried grass and dirt clumped on undersides. The cleats were given to Duke Hott during a visit with Unitas along with an additional piece of cursory athletic equipment and a handwritten note addressed "To Duke" and signed "Johnny Unitas". An exceptional and desirable game equipment item with direct first hand provenance, representing what are likely the most well documented pair of Unitas cleats to have entered the market. Includes LOA from Hunt Auctions, letter of provenance from Duke Hott, and a replicated copy of the original handwritten note: EX $27,500.00 ($25,000-$50,000) Closed to online bidding $27,500.00
See a Picture of this Item 282 Important 1964 Johnny Unitas Baltimore Colts "Most Valuable Player" trophy. Visually striking presentational piece features a full sized metal figural football displayed atop wooden square base. An engraved metal placard on the front reads, "John Unitas, Most Valuable Player Baltimore Colts, 1964." Unitas lead the Colts to a 12-2 record, which included (10) straight victories, and a Championship Game appearance. Although they would ultimately fall to the Cleveland Browns, Unitas was voted the NFL's Most Valuable Player by the AP and UPI. Significant award piece stands around 15.5" tall with little mentionable wear. Given directly to noted collector Duke Hott by Johnny Unitas while on a visit to "The Golden Arm." Includes letter of provenance from Duke Hott: EX/MT-NM $42,500.00 ($50,000-$75,000) Closed to online bidding $42,500.00
See a Picture of this Item 283 Fine Johnny Unitas autographed professional model helmet c.1960s. Riddell Kra-Lite helmet with "bubbled" ear hole openings has the Colts horseshoe logo decal applied at either side and blue center stripe accent. Unitas" famed number "19" is painted on the back which was frequently done by Colts equipment manager Fred Schubach rather than replacing heavily scratched and scarred decals. The (12) point suspension interior and snap in leather pads remain intact. As appropriate to numerous Colts examples of the period the helmet was refurbished, in the period, at least twice with three visible heat impressed "Riddell" and "Kra-Lite" stampings on back; two now covered in factory applied white paint, the third set properly in black. A number of 1960s era date stampings appear inside along with a faint "7" size stamp. There are also a pair of "RK-2" labels. Vintage two bar facemask in marked "Riddell" as is the chinstrap. Exceptional usage wear can be found throughout with chipping and scuffs to both the shell and appliques. Signed and inscribed in faded black marker, "Best Wishes Dave Pinkham, Johnny Unitas" (now rating approx. 4-4/5 out of 10). Obtained directly by aclose associate of noted Colts Owner Carroll Rosenblum whom was involved with the team for all but one of Unitas+ seasons in Baltimore. It was signed at the time to the recipients son and has remained in the family until this current offering. An outstanding example with unparalleled direct provenance. Includes full LOA from JSA, LOA from Hunt Auctions (PSA/DNA Authentication sticker is affixed inside), and a letter of provenance from the Pinkham family: EX $47,500.00 ($40,000-$60,000) Closed to online bidding $47,500.00
See a Picture of this Item 286 Fine 1970 Baltimore Colts Super Bowl V 14k gold Championship ring presented to Ted Moore. Rare and desirable original ring as presented to Moore who was known as the "Voice of the Packers" throughout the 1960s and joined the Colts to announce for their 1970-71 Championship season.The face has a large diamond of approx. 1 carat weight at center which is surrounded by a blue stone accented Colts team logo. "Baltimore Colts World Champions" is lettered inside the beveled edge. Left shank has "1970 Super Bowl V" text and a rendering of the famed trophy. Right has the name "Moore" atop a Colts logo helmet with game scores below. The ring is size (11) and weighs (45) grams. Marked "Jostens 14K" on the interior band with a hint of light wear. Beautiful Super Bowl Championship ring with direct provenance to an iconic NFL figure of the era: EX/MT-NM $17,000.00 ($20,000-$30,000) Closed to online bidding $17,000.00
See a Picture of this Item 444 Aaron Rodgers 11/6/2016 game worn Green Bay Packers jersey. Nike size 46 Packers #12 Aaron Rodgers jersey worn during Salute To Service game against the Colts. Includes NFL Auctions COA from PSA/DNA, with matching serial #ed sticker affixed to the jersey. Rodgers threw for 297-yards and 3-TDs, and added 43-yards rushing. The jersey shows heavy use, with dirt and grass stains on the front and back: EX $21,000.00 ($20,000-$30,000) Closed to online bidding $21,000.00
See a Picture of this Item 462 January 19, 1991 Brett Favre "Game Used" Senior Bowl jersey. Blue mesh jersey has player number "4" screened on front, back, and sleeves. "NFC Senior Bowl" appears on front chest and the name "Favre" is on back. Champion tag on front tail notes size, "48." Signed on the upper back shoulder "Brett Favre" in marker rating 8 out of 10 and inscribed "Game Used 1/19/91." Use and some general age related wear throughout. An exceptional jersey from Favre's last college game before going on to a Hall of Fame NFL career. Includes certificate of provenance from Brett Favre and full LOA from JSA: EX $9,000.00 ($20,000-$40,000) Closed to online bidding DNS
See a Picture of this Item 478 Extraordinary December 21, 2006 Brett Favre game used Green Bay Packers complete uniform. Remarkable and intact ensemble as worn during the game played at Lambeau Field includes: green mesh jersey with the famed number "4" on front, back, and shoulders and "Favre" nameplate on back. "06-52" Printed strip tag in the collar denotes year and size; pants with "Reebok" tagging inside which has adjacent size (38) and wash flag tags along with a "4" embroidered strip tag; Packers team logo handwarmer; wristbands (2); towel; long sleeved woolen undershirt by Duofold with a "4" embroidered strip tag inside; additional unmarked Reebok undershirt; underpants; two pairs of socks (one white, one green and white); and a pair of green ankle/lower leg covers. Exceptional usage wear can be found throughout with areas of heavy soiling. Despite laundering of all pieces, the dirt and grass stains which remain visible on the jersey in particular compare favorably to images of Favre taken during and after the game. With regard to provenance and use we are confident in placing this among the most significant modern football uniforms extant. Includes letter of provenance from Brett Favre **NOTE: The offered uniform was not autographed by Brett Favre to retain its original intact appearance but will be signed along with appropropriate game used inscription for the winning bidder if so desired: EX $22,500.00 ($25,000-$50,000) Closed to online bidding DNS
See a Picture of this Item 524 Historic and Important 1996 Brett Favre Jim Thorpe Trophy as MVP of the National Football League. Striking display piece stands a full 32" tall with a fine 18" bronze casting of Jim Thorpe at top. This is supported on a marble and mahogany wood pedestal base which has a pair of placards affixed at front reading, "1996 Jim Thorpe Trophy Presented to the Most Valuable Player of the National Football League" and "Brett Favre Green Bay Packers." The trophy presents in spectacular original condition with no mentionable wear. The Green Bay Packers entered the 1996 season with high expectations following a 1995 season in which they advanced to the NFC Championship Game behind Brett Favre's first MVP season only to lose to the Dallas Cowboys. They would not be denied however in 1996. Behind a ferocious defensive unit led by Reggie White and another MVP season by Favre the Packers soared to a 13-3 record (their best in 30 years) and swept through the playoffs to reach the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. Brett Favre rose to the occasion and elevated his play for the Super Bowl throwing for 246 yards and 2 touchdown passes including a record setting 81 yard bomb. Favre's statistics for the 1996 season were truly superlative: 3,899 Passing Yards, 39 Touchdowns, 13 Interceptions, and a career high 95.8 QB rating. To date, Favre's string of three consecutive AP Most Valuable Player Awards is unmatched by any other player dating to the inception of the award in 1957. This feat is even more impressive when considering the caliber of play during the 1990s era coupled with obvious un-related ancillary factors such as risk of injury. In every sense of the literary definition this offering is truly unique with the particular example being the first of its type to have been offered at public auction. Furthermore, special mention must be noted to Brett Favre's undisputed legacy as one of the greatest players in NFL history. This unique combination of scarcity, signific $80,000.00 ($100,000-$200,000) Closed to online bidding DNS
See a Picture of this Item 534 Exceptional 1996 Brett Favre Game Used Green Bay Packers jersey (Super Bowl Championship/MVP Season) (Team repairs - apparent photo match). Green mesh jersey has player number "4" on front, back, and shoulders and "Favre" nameplate on back. In the collar is a "96-52" printed strip tag denoting year and size. "Starter" tag on front tail has adjacent size (52) flag tag. Both the front and back tails have been custom hemmed. Signed "Brett Favre" and inscribed "Game Used" in marker rating 8 out of 10. Outstanding usage evident throughout with a pair of team repairs and the spandex on either side has turned to a tinted brown coloration due to laundering (Noted on other 1996 professional player game jerseys as well). Photographs taken during the November 18, 1996 Packers vs. Cowboys game (in Texas) show Favre wearing what appears to be this exact jersey with the repair clearly visible on front. A milestone offering combining both direct first hand player provenance and the importance of this Championship season. Includes letter of provenance from Brett Favre and full LOA from JSA: EX $20,000.00 ($20,000-$40,000) Closed to online bidding $20,000.00
See a Picture of this Item 538 Significant Brett Favre 1996 Player of The Year trophy. Substantive bronze figural trophy depicting a football game scene measures 25" long, 11" deep, and 10" tall and weighs roughly 55 pounds. Cast metal placard at front has the "NFL Player of the Year" award logo (as sponsored by Miller Lite) and reads "1996 Brett Favre, Quarterback Green Bay Packers." In fine overall condition with original surface patina throughout and few minute scattered nicks/flaws. Only the second example of this trophy which we are aware has entered the market and by far the more significant. Includes letter of provenance from Brett Favre: EX/MT-NM $40,000.00 ($30,000-$50,000) Closed to online bidding $40,000.00
See a Picture of this Item 562 Rare Brett Favre Green Bay Packers professional model helmet - team prepared for use in Super Bowl XXXI. Green Bay Packers helmet by Riddell has the "Super Bowl XXXI" logo decal applied on back along with the "Pete" (Rozelle) decal. Velcro receiver mounts are affixed inside and the right ear pad is custom cut. Player number "4" is written in slightly faded black marker on the inside of the chinstrap band. The helmet displays some light wear and is presumed to have been prepared by the Packers as backup to that which Favre wore in the Super Bowl presenting in virtually identical visual appearance save for a few minimal construction details. It is certainly possible that the offered helmet was worn in run throughs, practices, or possibly even was reconditioned from a previous game helmet prepared for Brett in regular season. Signed in black marker rating 8/9 out of 10. Super Bowl XXXI served as a celebrative moment of validation for Brett's career. His individual accomplishments were without reproach but the victory in Super Bowl XXXI would of course solidify Brett's placement among the elite quarterbacks in NFL history. A notably rare piece with exceptional first hand provenance. Includes full LOA from JSA and letter of provenance from Brett Favre: EX $10,000.00 ($25,000-$50,000) Closed to online bidding DNS
See a Picture of this Item 563 Significant Brett Favre Super Bowl XXXI presentational game ball. Notably important ball from the historic game which brought the Championship title back to Green Bay for the first time since Super Bowl II. Wilson P.Tagliabue Official NFL football as used in Super Bowl XXXI has white painted panel which has been lettered, "Game Ball Presented To Brett Favre." His impressive performance, "246 Yards Passing, 2 TD Passes, 1 Rushing TD", is noted below as are the game scores, date, and location. Signed on the panel below, "Brett Favre, Super Bowl Game Ball." There is a touch of scattered loss/cracking to painted panel and the ball shows some light expected wear. Among the most significant presentational footballs ever offered. Includes letter of provenance from Brett Favre and full LOA from JSA: EX $16,000.00 ($20,000-$40,000) Closed to online bidding $16,000.00
See a Picture of this Item 582 Important September 16, 2007 Brett Favre "Game Used" Green Bay Packers jersey Favre wins his 149th career game moving ahead of John Elway as winningest quarterback of All-Time. Outstanding and first hand sourced jersey fromthe historic game in which Favre set a then record for wins. He would go on to a total of (186) and is currently tied at that level with Peyton Manning . White mesh jersey with player number "4" on front, back, and sleeves has "Favre" nameplate on back. In the collar is a printed strip tag denoting year and size. It has been signed in marker, "Brett Favre" and "game used" inscribed with game related stats below. A slip of paper which was packed away with the jersey at the time notes game date and opponent and relays that it is the "1st half game used jersey." Appropriate usage wear evident throughout. Includes letter of provenance from Brett Favre and full LOA from JSA: EX $16,500.00 ($20,000-$40,000) Closed to online bidding $16,500.00
See a Picture of this Item 596 Brett Favre Experience: Package will include: Brett Favre's Custom Project One Madone bike the he rode in MACC Fund race (*bike details available online). Meet and Greet with Brett and Deanna Favre in Hattiesburg, MS at time/date/location to be mutually determined in 2017. Airfare and hotel for 2 people (precise destination airport TBD). (1) Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, or New York Jets replica jersey to be signed and inscribed by Brett as desired.Photo op with Brett and Deanna Favre. 100% of the net proceeds will go to the Favre 4 Hope Foundation $7,321.00 Priceless! Closed to online bidding DNS