Back Lot Number: 880  

Lot 880
Description: Lemon peel style trophy baseball c.1870s. Fine quality full size lemon peel style baseball with "H" stitching formation was presented as a trophy baseball for a game between the Waterbury and Mutuals baseball clubs. The Waterbury (Connecticut) team was a well organized club in the late 19th century and frequently played teams of the quality of the Mutuals of New York. The ball itself remains in its original condition with desirable period surface patination. It also appears that there was some additional painted lettering beneath the team names on the side panel which is now barely visible. The top of the ball has a small period cast iron eyelet which was used for display. Very early dated lemon peel trophy baseball with relation to two of the more prominent baseball teams of the 19th century: VG
Estimated Price: ($1,500.00-$2,500.00)