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Lot 880
Description: Significant Joe DiMaggio journal with handwritten notes regarding Marilyn Monroe c.1955. Miniature booklet with interior blank pages shares the same cover as the April 4, 1955 issue of Sports Illustrated magazine. The interior contains numerous pages of notes handwritten by Joe DiMaggio with regard to Marilyn Monroe. The content is stirring, illustrating immense love for Marilyn and concern for her well-being. A unique kindness and caring with emphasis on Marilyn's need is evident in several passages, which clarifies any historical misconceptions regarding his feelings and treatment of her. Penned after the divorce, the first two pages seem to be written as guidelines for a reconciliation attempt and read as follows: 1. Don't ever be critical. 2. Forget ego & pride. 3. Talk from the heart. 4. Be warm, affectionate, & Love. 5. Don't be a sch?? 6. Be Patient-no matter what. 7. No Jealousy. Remember this is not your wife. She is a fine girl and remember how unhappy you made her. Happiness is what you strive for-for HER. Don't talk about her business or her friends. Be friendly towards her friends. Don't forget how lonesome and unhappy you are-especially without her." The sincerity with which DiMaggio expresses his feelings for Marilyn is nothing short of honorable especially when considering his stature as one of the more respected and prominent citizens in the country during the time. The remainder of the writings are basically Joe's interpretations of telephone calls made to Marilyn. While too lengthy to reproduce in the catalogue, a full transcript is available upon request. Several key passages and excerpts read as follows: "I asked her how she looked. She said not the way you like to see me! I said 'how come'. She said you like me with make up-and I said that 's not so-that you look good anytime made up or not you have natural beauty." "She said you wanted to see me. I said yes. She said before 10 o'clock or after eleven. I told her I'd prefer eleven as she wouldn't have to rush as much." ├┤NOTE: When people are there her conversation is not to warm-even though she was in the other room." Although we have taken care to properly describe the offered piece, it truly speaks for itself. One of the more interesting historical memoirs that we have encountered. Includes LOA from James Spence Authentication (regarding Joe DiMaggio's handwriting): EX-MT
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