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Lot 674
Description: John F. Kennedy letter sent to Joe DiMaggio. Secretarial signed, typewritten letter on United States Senate stationary dated November 2, 1960 from Massachusetts Senator John F. Kennedy to Joe DiMaggio. The content of the letter expresses Kennedy's thanks to DiMaggio for his support in the 1960 election. The body of the letter reads as follows, "Dear Mr. DiMaggio: It is most gratifying to learn of your offer of support in my behalf during the current Presidential Campaign. It is certainly encouraging to discover that prominent athletes - both past and present - such as yourself have positive thoughts regarding the current political situation and are prepared to speak out on such matters. This is extremely vital in a Campaign as important as the one at hand. Please accept my sincere thanks and gratitude for your vote of confidence. Cordially, John F. Kennedy." The signature is secretarial signed. The letter includes its original envelope postmarked from Chicago on November 2, 1960 just six days before Kennedy would be elected President of the United States. Fascinating piece of correspondence pre-dating the well documented conflicts between Joe DiMaggio and President Kennedy. Includes LOA from James Spence Authentication: NM
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