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Lot 1000
Description: Joe DiMaggio figural baseball trophy c.1930s. One of the earliest trophies within the DiMaggio collection, this example has a black painted metal base with a sivlerplated band around the bottom. Figural batter is atop of a domed support with a sprig of floral dTcor affixed to the front of the trophy. The player has been resoldered at the feet and ankle joints from re-attachment. Includes a very early newspaper photograph picturing DiMaggio admiring the trophy with a young boy. Given the dating period of the trophy and indications from the accompanying period news photo, DiMaggio could very well have won the trophy during his amateur or youth league levels. As the trophy is unmarked and not identified in the period news photo, the exact event for which it was presented is unknown. Very interesting period piece with potential relation to DiMaggio's PCL era: VG
Sold For: $1,100.00

Estimated Price: ($1,000.00-$1,500.00)