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Joe Jackson
1914 Joe Jackson Cracker Jack card
Sold for: $17,050

Our Experience

Hunt Auctions, Inc. is a family owned and operated firm with over 40 years of combined experience. We have a broad based knowledge and understanding of the vintage sports memorabilia market in numerous categories inclusive of autographed materials, advertising items, porcelains, metalwork, equipment, early cards, pennants, display pieces, and photography. The importance of this varied knowledge cannot be overstated as the key to realizing strong auction prices begins with a complete understanding of the item itself and the market in which to sell that item.

Mailing List

Our mailing list includes every state in the U.S. and numerous foreign countries with a well established clientele consisting of dealers and collectors at the highest level. We have carefully built our customer base to insure that your merchandise is being sold to reliable clients who will bid aggressively and secure prompt payment. In addition to our established clients we are constantly working to add to that list through impressive show exhibitions at such venues as the Major League Baseball All-Star Fan Fest show where we reach numerous upper income level customers who are one of the driving forces behind the vintage sports market. Many large auction houses focus their advertising dollars on 'buy' ads to enhance their own incomes, we focus all of our advertising dollars on the auction ads themselves in order to realize stronger prices for you the customer.


The attribute that we at Hunt Auctions, Inc. are best known for is our reputation for honesty and integrity. In today's marketplace the old auction adage of "Buyer Beware" has never been more appropriate as the number of unscrupulous dealers and forgers increases daily. We exercise great efforts to secure pieces from reputable sources including former Major League players, estates and private collections. In addition to the quality of our merchandise we guarantee all our auction items as described in the catalogue unlike most companies who place the burden on the buyer. These points are of extreme importance for several reasons: a) Customers purchasing high level items want to trust the auction house without question or doubt. b) Customers will bid with confidence on items that are not only represented correctly but guaranteed as such. c) Most importantly the reputation that we have earned will translate into concrete results for you the consignor.